“Este padecimiento es el anuncio de un renacer. Transitémoslo con serenidad hacia la grandeza que entraña”.

Ingredients for Awakening

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Ingredients for Awakening II

Audio curso 10 sesiones

Dr. Luis Márquez

Humanistic Psychologist


Psychological Attention

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This service is the most appropriate to deal with a situation that involves a significant level of difficulty or uneasiness.



Calm and Plenitude




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"...I came to therapy sessions to deal with an emotional difficulty that I had not been able to alleviate with other therapists."


I now have a number of tools that I can make use of. Luis is an excellent guide in the wonderful adventure of getting to know each other.

Chema Mora

“Todo este proceso me llevó a sentir una felicidad suave que aún conservo en mi interior”.

In only two months, Luis transmitted to me in a masterful and close way the keys of gestalt. The therapy sessions opened the way to my own knowledge through acceptance and gratitude.

Marina Bel


My experience with Luis was enriching. He gave me the necessary tools to polish the reality that surrounds us. From then on, my life experience took a 180º turn, turning everyday life into something exciting and comfortable at the same time.

Joy de la Chica

"I am very grateful..."

The practice of mindfulness has been very important in my personal growth process and has opened a door for me to apply it in the world of education.
I have been able to experience its benefits in my own person and the growing need in our society to create spaces of calm, presence and introspection.

Elena Redero

"...it was very enriching..."

The time I spent in therapy was very enriching and was an important turning point in my life. I have been able to get to know myself better (I am still working on it), learning to identify and manage my emotions, as well as learning to alleviate, little by little, the deficiencies in my emotional intelligence.

Lydia Suárez

"An eye-opening and magical experience."
I have been able to experience sensations of deep well-being, which have helped me to understand myself better. I continue to practice in my days and nights, and I recover these sensations through the techniques I received.
Rubens Muñoz

"... as a friend and as a professional".
My experience in your workshop was very rewarding, pleasant and restorative, you transmit authenticity and good treatment. Highly recommended for anyone.
Delighted to have you in my life as a friend and as a professional.
A hug, brother.
Rubén Aguilar Nieto

"... Without a doubt, I would repeat".
A person close to you, willing to share his knowledge from the heart and offer you his hand.
A space of peace and well-being where to be aware and share experiences with freedom, without judgment, being in the here and now.
Paula Ramírez

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